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Handbook for Joint Pain, Surgeries & Replacements from Patient's Perspective

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Author is an experienced patient with 8-knee surgeries, including 2-total knee replacements, a total right hip replacement, shoulder & ankle surgery

Learn the author's secrets to quick recovery through the CORE ROADS TO LIFE & MIND OVER BODY!

Are you a:

  • Patient of any age with joint pain?
  • Patient needing joint surgery or replacement?
  • Patient seeking pain-free mobility & higher quality of life?
  • Patient confused with inconsistencies in orthopedics?
  • Caregiver, family, or friend seeking help for patient?
  • Patient's Team striving to find best questions to ask?
  • Doctor, medical team, hospital seeking new tools to educate & motivate patients?
  • Doctor, medical center, hospital looking for better "patient flow" in servicing your patients?
  • Senior Center searching for resources to provide seniors, tenants & patients a higher quality of life?
  • Professional Health Organization wanting to add more value through patient's perspective?
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturer looking for new avenues to educate & motivate patients?
  • Health Insuarance Company striving to reduce health care costs through preventive education?
  • Foundation/Corporation, focusing on improving wellness programs for your employees & the public?

Our Joint Decisions can provide you the resources, tools, education & motivation to support patients & their teams. Patients need to replace fear with knowledge, see their doctors & follow-through on their diagnosis and rehabilitation.

Who Is Our Joint Decisions, Inc. NFP?

Our Joint Decisions, Inc. NFP is a global nonprofit corporation that supports everyone of all ages involved in joint pain, surgeries and replacements from a patient's perspective. Every day, we all face minor and major challenges in our lives. Medical issues, such as musculoskeletal, concerning our bones & joints, limit our pain-free mobility and quality of life. Where is support to overcome these issues? Do we realize the immense power our mind has over our body? Where can we find hope and healing? Our Joint Decisions, Inc. NFP is the solution. Bob Faught provides motivation speaking to all groups seeking help and support. Utilize our website, books, DVDs, and videos to provide the education and support that comes from a patient's perspective.

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